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Discover resilience, mend your wounds. Life offers endless possibilities. Dan Shieshie Foundation stands by, guiding your transformation. Embrace a new journey, breaking free from your cocoon.

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JasiriLine Kenya provides round-the-clock, professional, and cost-free telephone counseling support.      

Violence Within Family?

Abusive relationships can manifest in many different forms; don't hesitate to seek professional assistance.

Mental Health Issue?

Embrace a shifting perspective on men's mental health, inspired by influential celebrities leading the way.

Emotional & psychological wellness

We dive into a variety of important subjects that touch on mental and emotional well-being. Our discussions cover key aspects of keeping a healthy and balanced mind, exploring topics such as


Men express a wide array of intense emotions during and after separation.

Dealing with Stress

Debt and financial worries may lead to stress and impact mental well-being.

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety, common yet varied, ranges from short-term worries to prolonged disorders needing professional care.

Help with Addiction

Curious about addiction? Unsure if it's a problem? Seek professional help and get answers for clarity. Dial toll-free, 1198

What We Do

Empowering Personal Growth & Support

You Deserve Better
JasiriLine doesn't aim to "fix" individuals. If you aspire to change, JasiriLine's counselors will wholeheartedly support your journey.
Men in Silence
Many men often find it challenging to seek help, leaving loved ones unsure of how to provide effective support. Find assistance here.
Relationship & Separation
Navigating through separation and divorce can be challenging, but there are strategies to cope and rebuild. Explore ways to offer support and guidance.

Look after your mental health.

JasiriLine Kenya provides complimentary 24/7 professional telephone counseling support for men, addressing mental health, anger management, family violence (both use and experience), addiction, relationships, stress, and overall well-being.

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