Let Us Join Hands To Prevent Domestic Violence!!!

I stopped degrading myself, and in fact started giving myself credit for what I am. Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. Be Smart and Focus!!!

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I was fast asleep when my dear wife poured sulphuric acid solution over my face. This was a black Saturday ordeal, the 23th September 2013 that I fail to let go off my memories. As a happily married couple turns their home to be Kovoso where a wife turns to be Slobodan Milosevic and decides that that the husband should never see the beauty of this planet again. God forbid!

Sadly, only a tiny percentage of men will share the phycho-socio challenges they face in marriages. I have come to learn that the more you speak it out, the more happier you become.

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It is impostor syndrome, I always feel I should talk about it in the public, media, to individuals, friends, partners, psychologists, conferences, families, schools and events. I always want to share.

Prevent, Advocate and Create awareness!​

Everyone can be a victim unexpectedly, as long as you live. Whether happily married or not. Make sure you don’t just know your spouse but also trust her. It is important to pray together, attend counselling sessions,  talk about peace , love each other and above all be a forgiving spouse.

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