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The document highlights several things including the objective, mission, vision, Core values and a brief history of the DSF (Dan Shieshie foundation). The initiative proposal emphasizes on its on its needs to facilities the proposed event that is scheduled to take place at the Kenyatta International Conventional grounds on the 7th day of March, 2020. 


  • To ensure that male domestic, acid and burns violence victims are empowered to live as autonomous, dignified and proactive democratic citizens through rehabilitation.
  • To mobilize the community, sensitize and disseminate information related to discrimination and stigma prevention among the domestic, acid and burns violence victims.
  • To Increase accessibility to human rights services and other services vital for survival including medical care and legal support through networking and linkages.
  • To enhance economic empowerment through promoting food security among the domestic, acid and burns violence victims and general improvement of nutritional status.
  • To promote income generating projects to assist the male domestic, acid and burns violence victims in order to promote self-reliance/sustainability and poverty reduction among their homes.
  • To advocate for the reduction and eventual elimination of domestic, acid and burns violence in Kenya.

To open a psychosocial support center where male victims of domestic, acid and burns violence will receive comprehensive counseling services to help them deal with their problematic issues and empower them

Mission statement

  • To enhance calmness and peace among married couples through coaching and counselling programs.


  • To have a “domestic, acid and burns violence – free Kenya, and a sanctuary for survivors to live with dignity.” 

Core values

  • Integrity : We work with utmost respect to the law. We will be consistent, honest, accountable and
    transparent in what we say and do. We will safeguard the integrity and dignity
    of those we serve.
  •  Social justice : We work to ensure that we incorporate an anti-oppression lens in
    all aspects of our work.
  • Survivor centered : Our work Starts and
    Ends with the interest of survivors of domestic violence in mind.
  • Caring : We care about you. We conduct our work with compassion and ensure that you are treated with respect and no discrimination.

Dan Madakayia

"Founder and Chairman -Counselling Psychologist”

Victor Shilisia

"Treasurer -MPPM, PGD, Applied Statistics, Bed science, Certified M & E expert”

Patricia Lihavi

-Supply Chain management.

Silas Isenjia

"Ass. Secretary”

Alice Khasiala

"Assistant treasurer
- Business administration.”

Secretariat Team

Anne Lavusa

"Marketing and Events

Ngini Nasongo

"Resource mobilization, Partnerships & Fundraising.

Sylviah Wishenga

"Digital media communications and Public Relations

Jackson Wande

"Strategy lead.

Victor Isaacs

"ICT lead