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“We support victims of domestic violence to reach their potential.”

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Empowerment of domestic, acid an burn violence victims

We object to empower the victims of domestic, acid and burns violence to live as autonomous dignified and proactive democratic citizens. We endeavor to do this by availing services necessary for such particular case as would deem appropriate for the victim.

Accessibility to human rights services to ensure justice

Justice is paramount and very essential for inner healing. Violence victims as projected in the objective number one harbors extremely deeper inner wounds. Some have never recovered from these wounds because they have never obtained justice.

Platform for established income generating projects

After establishing income generating projects as an empowerment channel for violence and burns victims, through professional monitoring and evaluation, we endeavour to fortify/cement them further through business training, seed capital, linking them to markets, financial management, mentorship programs or any other appropriate platform.

Community mobilization and sensitization

We create awareness in the society concerning domestic violence and encourage the victims suffering silently to own up and get necessary help. It came to our attention that quite a number of men suffer silently in marriage and even some are abused physically, but due to societal perception of masculinity, they refuse to speak.

Empowerment of victims

We intend to do this by mobilizing the public to support Persons living with disability gained as a result of domestic violence or burns to enter into any arrangement with any governments or authorities that may seem conducive to the Organization’s objects or any of them, and to obtain from such government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Organization may think desirable to obtain;

Minimize domestic, acid and burn violence cases

By the grace of the most high GOD, through our esteemed would have established partners, financers stakeholders and/or shareholders we endeavour to advocate for the reduction and eventual elimination of domestic, acid and burns violence in Kenya.

We can help you with...

Mentorship 95%
Training 90%
Life couching 75%
Counselling 85%
Inspirations 80%

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It starts with with men who deny to share what they are going through in their relationships.


It gets to disagreements and thereafter a quarrel. It may seem manageable anyway.


Violence eventually erupts which may leave either of the victims handicapped if not both.


Dan Shieshie Foundation reaches out to the victims of domestic violence through toll-free number 1198. The number is on 24/7 and counselors are ever standby to provide counseling services. The organization is reaching out to the victims of violence to speak out through this number.


Dan Shieshie Foundation is looking forward to establishing rescue Centres that will be used to accommodate the victims of violence whose homes proves to be uninhabitable.


We endeavor to train the victims of domestic violence so as to make them informed. The training will be on life skills and on how to heal from the previous abuse.