We create awareness in the society concerning domestic violence and encourage the victims suffering silently to own up and get the necessary help. It came to our attention that quite a number of men suffer silently in marriage and even some are abused physically, but due to societal perception of masculinity, they refuse to speak. They feel demotivated and fear that society will see them as weaker beings. We sensitize society to view men as beings with emotions and feelings too, they are not invincible. We also intend to do this by mobilizing individuals and carrying out campaigns against domestic violence with associated social activities such as sports and the issuance of gifts such as caps and t-shirts bearing domestic violence messages. Stigmatization and discrimination of domestic violence victims will be the epicenter of community mobilization, sensitization, and dissemination of this information.


After training we object to empower the victims of domestic, acid and burns violence to live as autonomous dignified and proactive democratic citizens. We endeavor to do this by availing services necessary for such particular case as would deem appropriate for the victim. The society sometimes tend to distance itself from individuals who are victims of violence. Some of them are sidelined from participating in both economic and social activities. We step in to empower them financially so that they can be independent. We establish income-generating activities that they can do appropriately.