Inception of the Dan Shieshie Foundation

In September 2019, Dan Shieshie Matakayia, marked by acid burns from domestic violence, founded the Dan Shieshie Foundation. This marked a pivotal moment in his mission to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Kenya and beyond.

The Dan Shieshie Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political organization dedicated to advancing GBV advocacy. Its primary goal is the eventual elimination of GBV, emphasizing the importance of survivor empowerment.

In 2020, the foundation took a significant step by partnering with professional mental health service providers, specifically Professional Counselors. This collaboration aimed to address the intricate emotional and psychological scars that GBV survivors bear, focusing on holistic healing.

A crucial milestone was achieved through a partnership with Telesky Limited, a company committed to improving the lives of GBV survivors. Telesky Limited provided a dedicated Call Centre, serving as a lifeline for male GBV survivors through the toll-free helpline 1198.

The toll-free helpline 1198 operated 24/7, becoming a beacon of hope for countless male survivors of GBV. It provided a safe space for survivors to share experiences, seek guidance, and receive professional counseling services, breaking the silence surrounding male survivors.

The Dan Shieshie Foundation's story is one of resilience, empathy, and transformation. Dan Shieshie's personal pain became a force for change, inspiring others to come forward and join the fight against GBV. The foundation actively engages in awareness campaigns, educational programs, and policy advocacy to address root causes.

The Dan Shieshie Foundation envisions a world where survivors of GBV can rebuild their lives with dignity and without fear. Beyond the helpline, the foundation strives to prevent future cases of violence, fostering a culture of respect, equality, and empathy. As it expands its reach and engages more stakeholders, the foundation remains dedicated to its core mission, standing as a beacon of hope against gender-based violence.

Holistic Healing for GBV Survivors

Addressing Emotional and Psychological Scars: The Dan Shieshie Foundation collaborates with professional mental health providers to offer holistic support for survivors, recognizing and addressing the emotional and psychological scars left by Gender-Based Violence.

Lifeline for Male GBV Survivors

Toll-Free Helpline 1198 as a Beacon of Hope: Telesky Limited's partnership establishes the toll-free helpline 1198, acting as a lifeline for male GBV survivors. This initiative provides a safe space for sharing experiences and accessing rapid response and support from trained counselors.

Beyond the Helpline: Advocacy and Prevention

Engaging in Awareness, Education, and Policy Advocacy: The Dan Shieshie Foundation extends its impact beyond the helpline, actively engaging in awareness campaigns, educational programs, and policy advocacy. This multifaceted approach aims to address the root causes of GBV, prevent future cases, and foster a culture of respect and equality.


The Foundation aspires to extend its reach across Kenya and beyond, fostering tranquility among individuals, couples, families, and societies through impactful counseling and mediation initiatives.


Cultivating a society free from Gender-Based Violence, providing a secure haven for all.

Core Values

Exemplifying professionalism, unwavering integrity, heartfelt compassion, staunch commitment to social justice, swift responsiveness, and genuine caring.




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