Reprieve for abused men as toll-free hotline reopens, but for how long?

A hotline dedicated to abused and troubled men been reopened after a five-month hiatus due to lack of operational funds.

Those in need of counselling and guidance on where to seek medical-legal help can now call 1198 without charge.

The emergency line was launched in June 2021 by Dun Shieshie Foundation, at the peak of Covid-19 whem incidents of gender based violence (GBV) spiked because of economic strains resulting from loss of jobs and movement restrictions piling together mentally and emotionally strained men and women

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Empowering Survivors, Building Hope: The Dan Shieshie Foundation's Fight Against Gender-Based Violence.

In the ongoing battle against Gender-Based Violence (GBV), the Dan Shieshie Foundation stands as a formidable force, unwavering in its commitment to advocacy, survivor empowerment, and the eventual elimination of GBV. This non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political organization envisions a world where survivors can rebuild their lives with dignity and without fear.

A Three-Day Journey Towards Empowerment
In a significant step towards achieving its goals, the Dan Shieshie Foundation recently conducted a comprehensive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support training at the Ibis Hotel. The training, spanning three days, served as a crucial plat…
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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon provides services to domestic abuse victims

Dr. Marc Mani may be known as one of the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, but he says some of his most fulfilling work comes during his off time.

That is when he volunteers as the lead surgeon for Face Forward International, a nonprofit that provides life-changing surgeries and services to hundreds of survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and other crimes. The organization operates in 14 different countries and provides wraparound services in addition to surgery, such as emotional support services, prescriptions and even temporary housing.

For Mani, it’s a chance to use his skills to help those most in need.

“The human face is something that is su…

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Empowering Survivors: Dan Shieshie Foundation Rings in 2024 as a Beacon of Hope Against GBV.

As we usher in the new year of 2024, it's imperative to reflect on the strides made in the ongoing battle against gender-based violence (GBV). In this era of progress and advocacy, organizations like the Dan Shieshie Foundation stand tall as beacons of hope, working tirelessly towards the elimination of GBV and the empowerment of survivors.

The Dan Shieshie Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political organization, is dedicated to advancing GBV advocacy with a primary goal of eliminating GBV altogether. At the heart of their mission lies a commitment to survivor empowerment, recognizing the importance of providing a safe space for those who have endured the trauma of GBV.

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"UNITE! Investing to Eradicate Gender-Based Violence: A Call for Inclusive Action"

The Dan Shieshie Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political organization, stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). With an unwavering commitment to GBV advocacy, the foundation places a significant emphasis on survivor empowerment with the ultimate goal of eliminating GBV altogether. As the world marks the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, the foundation echoes the theme, "UNITE! Invest to prevent Gender-Based Violence," while underscoring the importance of inclusivity in addressing the diverse range of victims, including men.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign that takes place annua…

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

This campaign is uniquely placed within the United Nation’s calendar and runs annually. The event usually kicks off from 25th November to 10th December. This year, the campaign is themed as “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!” Covid 19 pandemic has seen tremendous increase in domestic violence cases this year and much focus has to be shifted towards addressing these issues. The 16 days are enough to zip the gap created by this pandemic since attention was diverted towards combating the virus. It should also be noted that the shift was biased, Kenyans retreated to their homes with ailing economic situation. This was enough to catalyze all sorts of atrocities against humanit…

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International Men's Day: Theme, Zero Male Suicide

International Men's Day, celebrated on November 19th each year, is an occasion to recognize the positive contributions men make to society and to raise awareness about men's health issues. This year, a crucial theme takes center stage: "Zero Male Suicide." The focus on mental health and the imperative to encourage open dialogue about emotions and stressors among men is paramount.

In the pursuit of eliminating male suicide, the Dan Shieshie Foundation has played a pivotal role. Understanding the stigma often associated with men expressing vulnerability, the foundation has taken proactive steps to provide a supportive environment through their toll-free helpline, 1198. This helpline is not just a number;…

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Current Economic Crisis Real Recipe for Poor Mental Health

Amid the current economic crisis that has contributed to the skyrocketing of basic commodities that has affected a good number of Kenyans, the issue of mental health cannot be overlooked. Majority of Kenyans are struggling to put food on the table, and as the struggle continues, some are slowly breaking down mentally. It gets worse when it seems that almost everyone in one’s circle is struggling financially, thereby thwarting every avenue for one to seek assistance. Very little is expected from someone whose income is siphoned by food alone, this means that shelter and clothing become a problem. Everyone yearns to give the best for those who depend on them, failure to do this leads to stress mounting a lot o…

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Post Covid-19 Strenuous Period

Most Kenyans have experienced a tremendous fall in the covid-19 spread curve. However, the curve is accompanied with terrible consequences emanating from economic hard hit. The equilibrium in this case remains unsteady. As much as the politicians are focusing on the political edge of their future, there’s an extreme sufferage that is rendering many Kenyans stampled upon by the hard situations and economic constrains.

Many Kenyans lost their livelihood as covid-19 struck the country like an atomic bomb. During this post covid-19 era, the same Kenyans are yet to recover from the shock. Since Dan Shieshie foundation envisions a society that is free from domestic violence, the focus is sideway. We …

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Coercive Control

Coercive control is a form of domestic violence that refers to the pattern of acts of humiliation, assault, intimidation or threats leveled against an individual. It exists in most marriages and relations but the victims might not actually have knowledge about it. The victims in most cases see it as love and car and endure intimidation and all sorts of assault and if not voiced out in time, more harm might be caused indirectly.

In a marriage or relationship, coercive control comes in form of controlling behaviors that create an equilibrium that solely favors one spouse thus causing unequal power dynamics. Worst of all, even the perpetrator might not know that it is abuse. The behavior elevates the…

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Mental Health Amidst Covid 19 Crisis

As we critically hang on the aftermath of mental health week, the monstrous menace of Covid 19 is still looming in the day to day hustle of Kenyans. Dan Shieshie, the founder of Dan Shieshie foundation was hosted by K24 to dig deeper into the peril of Mental health. Covid 19, among other issues surfaced up into the discussion. Together with other panelists, the discussion turned to be so wide as miscellaneous intervening factors surfaced up to constitute mental health.

The effect of social media on mental health was given maximum consideration. According to Philip Ogola, Social media has proved to celebrate victims of Mental Health. This proves dangerous to those who run to the social media with h…

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The Milestones of Year 2020

We are delighted to get enjoined with the whole world as we usher in the Year 2021. Dan Shieshie foundation, even amidst limited resources has witnessed tremendous improvement in performance. The Year 2020 came with so much surprises that countered every expectation humanity ever had.

The pandemic took away the resolutions of many. Despite increase in the domestic violence cases, which the foundation envisions to minimize, much was equally achieved as the organization battled the monster. The Year 2020 saw the foundation conduct its first meeting at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC). The meeting, which had a number of counsellors in attendance provided a platform on which people…

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Emotional Intelligence and Covid 19 Stress

Research as presented through news of 22nd May 2020 at 1900hrs on Citizen Television was clear that the stress associated with Covid 19 was increasing tremendously. The stress as projected by the victims was measured by how well one is able to manage their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a determinant of how long one can remain calm, even as the wind of life gets stronger. Unfortunately, the situation is catalyst by one’s spouse or children. The report was clear that women presented themselves more as victims of violence. Something more surfaced in the report, men as compared to their counterparts encountered emotional torture.

In extreme circumstances, human …

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The Dilemma of Covid 19 and Domestic Violence

Covid 19 is a pandemic that never warned of its coming. It came like a thief, and threw chaos in the entire human race. This pandemic attacked indiscriminately. It did not respect economic prowess or political class of any Country. The human race on the other hand, responded within its powers and limits. So much was implemented in the effort to minimizing the spread of the pandemic.

The measures ranged from curfews to lockdowns, which did not spare the academic institutions, political rallies and religious events. All this threatened and still threatens the fabric of human life. The consequences of the lockdown have been widely reported and included all sorts of atrocities, crime, hunger and dom…

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The Concept of Innate Crisis; Border Closure

The mention of Covid 19 sends unprecedented hot impulses in the veins of every Kenyan. The focus has now shifted to the borders. Pressure is mounted every time new infections are announced. It is clear that human minds can contain pressure up to a certain level and beyond that, they become vulnerable.

Kenyans are not only faced with the menace of the pandemic, they are threatened massively by hunger, domestic violence, crime and depression. These elements compromise the concept of humanity.

Every mortal goes through some sought of mental crisis. The volume of the crisis varies from individual to individual. No one can claim absolutely quiet and stress free life, we have all suffered…

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