The foundation is dedicated to combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through advocacy and eventual elimination.

The Dan Shieshie Foundation was founded in September 2019, as a non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political organization

The foundation collaborates with professional mental health service providers, offering holistic support and recovery programs.

Telesky Limited provides a dedicated Call Centre, operating the toll-free helpline 1198 for male GBV survivors.

Yes, the toll-free helpline 1198 operates 24/7, providing rapid response and support from trained counselors.

Individuals can support the foundation by joining advocacy efforts, participating in awareness campaigns, and contributing to fundraising initiatives.

The foundation actively engages in awareness campaigns, educational programs, and policy advocacy to address the root causes of GBV.

Yes, survivors can share their experiences, seek guidance, and receive professional counseling services through the toll-free helpline 1198.

The foundation envisions a world where survivors of GBV can rebuild their lives with dignity and without fear, fostering a culture of respect, equality, and empathy.

Interested individuals can explore volunteering opportunities, stay informed about awareness campaigns, and contribute to the foundation's mission.