How Dan creates awareness on gender based violence awareness out of bad experience

How Dan creates awareness on gender based violence awareness out of bad experience

Dan Shieshie Matakayia is a survivor of an acid attack meant to kill him. On the morning of September 21st 2013. At 5:30 am, while asleep, his wife poured acid on his face leaving him with multiple injuries. From that time, Dan engaged in series of treatments ranging from surgeries to therapies.

 It was during this treatment journey and healing process that he noticed that a lot of men are silently suffering in marriages/relationships without knowing how to address their issues due to societal perception. This led to the birth of Dan Shieshie Foundation in September 2018 

 The Dan Shieshie Foundation is a safe haven for those who are victims of domestic violence. The objectives of the foundation is to mainly; ensure that male domestic, acid and burns violence victims are empowered to live as autonomous, dignified and proactive democratic citizens through rehabilitation and to mobilize the community, sensitize and disseminate information related to discrimination and stigma prevention among the domestic, acid and burns violence victims.

On Saturday, 7th March, 2020, the Dan Shieshie Foundation organized a sensitization meeting at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) Nairobi Kenya. During the meeting, Dan expressed his desire to help others who have gone through domestic violence. “The first step is to accept what has happened to you and move on. I have forgiven her for what she did to me. Also seek professional help from counselors.” Dan advised.

The foundation will have 24 hour counselors, who will be able to listen and help victims who are in distress. Soon, the foundation will be moving around the country to sensitize the public on Gender Based Violence.

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