The history of the International Boy’s day dates back to 22nd January 2018. The idea originated from the Caribbean and was initiated by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh. An action was taken and the day is celebrated on the 16th May of every year. This year, 2021, the event fell on a Sunday. The African Boy child Network convened a zoom meeting which had an official invitation of 10 people, Kenya was represented by the Deputy Director, Youth Development, state Department for Youth Affairs Mr. Daniel Kirui; M/s Rosemary Kinuthia, the Director of the African Boy Child Network; M/s Mary Khaemba, Director of The Welfare Kenya Prison Service and Mr. KiarieMwangi, Team Lead: Fariji Kenya.

The primary message that dominated the Genesis of this day was to “save the boy-child”. A lot of focus from NGOs, government, and international organizations has been channeled towards uplifting girls in society to succeed and level up to the boys. Over time, this has led to a new generation of empowered women but a neglected generation of men. This meeting was to draw focus on this emerging challenge and come up with strategies that will ensure that the boy-child is not neglected by society and that there is inclusivity in terms of both economic and social empowerment. One of the ways to do so is by ensuring that boys are encouraged to go to school and also mentored to help them navigate the daily pitfalls in the environments that they are raised in. Societies approach to handling boys has led to most of them becoming bitter and hopeless. The transition to responsible manhood will automatically be a disaster that is even now threatening the marriage institution. Dan Shieshie Foundation feels that both boys and girls should be accorded equal opportunity to succeed. The foundation is calling upon all good-willed families to consider their male children by empowering them to be responsible men in the future, mainly for the good of the whole society. This does not mean that the girl child should be forgotten by the same families. The dynamism of the current society requires that both male and female children be empowered. This will save the marriage institution and the cases of domestic violence will be minimized if not zeroed.

BY Dan Shieshie foundation/Silas Isenjia

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