Jasiriline emphasizes the toll-free helpline 1198 and the convenience of accessing counseling support online.

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JasiriLine Kenya

Welcome to JasiriLine Kenya - Providing Support and Healing
JasiriLine Kenya is an initiative dedicated to providing support to survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Founded by Dan Shieshie Matakayia, the organization aims to eliminate GBV and promote healing and recovery.

JasiriLine offers a dedicated helpline, 1198, operated by trained counselors available 24/7. This helpline serves as a lifeline for male GBV survivors, providing rapid response and professional support.

JasiriLine, in partnership with the Dan Shieshie Foundation, has made a profound impact in the battle against GBV. The foundation's story is a testament to the power of survivorship and the collective efforts against gender-based violence.

Get Involved

You can contribute to the cause by raising awareness, supporting educational programs, or making a donation. Join us in creating a safer, more equitable world for everyone.

  • Help break the silence surrounding Gender-Based Violence
  • Your support enables us to provide holistic healing initiatives
  • Your support contribute to its advocacy efforts
  • Your effort contributes to creating safer communities
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