The Concept of Innate Crisis; Border Closure

The Concept of Innate Crisis; Border Closure

The mention of Covid 19 sends unprecedented hot impulses in the veins of every Kenyan. The focus has now shifted to the borders. Pressure is mounted every time new infections are announced. It is clear that human minds can contain pressure up to a certain level and beyond that, they become vulnerable.

Kenyans are not only faced with the menace of the pandemic, they are threatened massively by hunger, domestic violence, crime and depression. These elements compromise the concept of humanity.

Every mortal goes through some sought of mental crisis. The volume of the crisis varies from individual to individual. No one can claim absolutely quiet and stress free life, we have all suffered or we are all suffering silently in one way or another.

The difference will always be manifested in the manner we handle the internal crisis we face. Ignorance of the knowledge of human values should not be an excuse for mortals to behave animally to others. Indifference and insensitivity is now the epicenter of human destruction.

The fact that life might have dealt with one differently, should not be a recipe for hostility to others. The justification for immorality and uncouth behaviour is all a misplaced notion. No one is mandated to qualify an act, just because they have been affected by it. what is wrong will remain to be wrong, irrespective of the kind of justification attached to it.

Each and every person has a glowing Centre in their heart. This glowing Centre, is what is termed as humanity, it varies from individual to individual. The intensity of the glow represents the magnitude of humanity contained therein.

Most people have failed to water and weed this glowing Centre, and have allowed colloidal suspensions to infiltrate it. Such kind of people will never see and/or understand what is genuine morality and karma. They will never be sensitive and will always be indifferent to others. These kind of people will use to the last level of their intelligence to justify their acts.

God’s moral government must remain intact according to his will. Men should never feel justified in misleading the society by introducing misplaced activities, that are diabolic and cunningly assigned to religious or customary justification and explanation. These internal thoughts that make some people get rigidly aligned to have done much harm to the society, than good.

The few who should be the ambassadors of these societal pillary values have been brainwashed and are no longer the custodians as they used to be. Whenever they are approached for advice concerning particular issues in the society, they keep oscillating between good and bad without any idea of what really separates the two terms. After a series of debates, they finally end up disagreeing, something that always lead to a fight.

Every human being should wisely and consciously discern their dealings with others. Whenever there is some sought of doubt then one should expect an imminent innate crisis. We are all entitled to this, in every internal crisis there is always a positive voice that is normally suppressed by another negative voice.

One must be wise and strong enough to replace the negative voice with the positive one. This requires God’s grace for one to be able to fight this crisis. Man did not and does not create himself, for this reason he will never be enough for himself.

The world will be an extremely serene and peaceful place if human beings will be trained on how to handle their innate crisis. The world itself, is rich with spiritual resources that are the basis of humanity, one only needs to make the right decision, one needs to unearth this positive voice that is always hidden.

Let’s refrain from glorifying diabolic entities and activities for they not only kill our humanity, but they also suppress He who is greater in us, he who is the author of life, he who remains being unsafe and/or insecure on the cross.