Emotional Intelligence and Covid 19 Stress

Emotional Intelligence and Covid 19 Stress

Research as presented through news of 22nd May 2020 at 1900hrs on Citizen Television was clear that the stress associated with Covid 19 was increasing tremendously. The stress as projected by the victims was measured by how well one is able to manage their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a determinant of how long one can remain calm, even as the wind of life gets stronger. Unfortunately, the situation is catalyst by one’s spouse or children. The report was clear that women presented themselves more as victims of violence. Something more surfaced in the report, men as compared to their counterparts encountered emotional torture.

In extreme circumstances, human beings tend to under reason the underlying factors that transform into pathetic behaviour remains at the grassroots. The solution could be provided but the human nature inclined to the original fall of man remains deeply embedded into the human blood.

Conscience is fundamentally at the Centre of human behaviour. The innate conflict whose aftermath is manifested in the behavior, is a direct proof of emotional intelligence of an individual. Those with poor emotional intelligence survive limitedly at any provocation of life, worse of all Covid 19 stress.

The decision between doing good and bad is a matter of free will. Those voices that always debate within an individual are normally thrown away when one is overwhelmed with anger. Those whose anger magnitude is high ends up doing terrible things that haunts them for the rest of their lives.

Some of the victims in the news report ended up regretting because of what they had done. No matters the kind of atrocity or assault done to an individual, the repercussions always turns round and engulf the villains. History has proved this because we have witnessed several occasions where, the villains have been tracked for years and finally arrested and convicted.

Humanity does not and will never stand as a free morpheme; it will always be accompanied with dignity. The two are intertwined and operate within a vacuum. Whenever people unleash strange behaviour by engaging in inhuman activities, they do not stop being human beings they just lose their dignity or rather it shows how less informed they are about the concept of dignity. Dignity should be taken as a zip file and then unzipped to get the right application.

Those who react violently and then either regret or fail to regret are always considered to be weak. It becomes very insignificant when one proves dangerous to himself or herself. At any moment where some people must be protected from themselves, the effect is not normally on their families but to the whole society.

The rate at which violence is manifested and projected during this Covid 19 is a direct indicator that human beings lost cause long time ago. Humanity must go back to the basics, they must reintroduce, re-embrace, and re-initiate the core values back into the society.

This must be done right from the basic functional unit of the society, let these values be incorporated and written in the hearts of the people.