The Milestones of Year 2020

The Milestones of Year 2020

We are delighted to get enjoined with the whole world as we usher in the Year 2021. Dan Shieshie foundation, even amidst limited resources has witnessed tremendous improvement in performance. The Year 2020 came with so much surprises that countered every expectation humanity ever had.

The pandemic took away the resolutions of many. Despite increase in the domestic violence cases, which the foundation envisions to minimize, much was equally achieved as the organization battled the monster. The Year 2020 saw the foundation conduct its first meeting at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC). The meeting, which had a number of counsellors in attendance provided a platform on which people presented their questions based on domestic violence. The secretariat wing of the Organization was formed before the Covid 19 was declared a national issue which was followed by the administration of necessary measures.

The Secretariat under the chairmanship of Dan Shieshie Matakayia has conducted several zoom meetings during the pandemic crisis. The year 2020 also provided Dan Shieshie with golden opportunities in the media to challenge the society on domestic violence.

The Kenyan Society need to be reminded again and again that Violence in marriage is not only about women. Men are also abused in marriages and relationships; it is the society that discourages these men from openly reporting the cases.

The Organization also actively participated in the mental health week where the chairman engaged in a live discussion on K 24. The topic, which broadly touched on all pillars that constitute domestic violence was critically analyzed. The concept of mental health, as projected by Philip Ogola- Digital Humanitarian personnel- cannot be handled with narrow minds. The pressure emanating from the social media is capable of inflicting serious injuries on one’s mind.

The mental Health week was closely followed by the 16 days of activism against gender violence. Dan Shieshie Foundation was not equally left behind in this celebration. In fact, the organization strongly advocated for the involvement of boy child in the campaign. This was done because the focus was solely on the girl child. The organization still hold its roots that those 16 days that run from November to December should not just focus on one gender. The organization also had several professional counsellors brought on board so as to handle cases that emanated during the Covid 19 period.

One of the major achievements that the organization takes pride in was the launching of the toll free number 1196. This number, though temporarily in use as the new one is being worked on, has propelled the organization to greater heights. The number is one of the pillars for the recruitment of professional counsellors. It was launched so as to effectively enable victims of domestic violence seek services from the organization.

The social media, especially the Facebook has seen followers increase tremendously to 716. We are looking forward towards increasing this number 4 times this year of 2021.

Dan Shieshie Foundation would also like to take this opportunity to thank the followers for making it active and happily wishes them a happy and prosperous 2021.

In 2021, The Dan Shieshie foundation will continue working towards achieving a free domestic violence society, and we would love all Kenyans to join us so we may achieve this goal. Everything is attributed to God the almighty.