Mental Health Amidst Covid 19 Crisis

Mental Health Amidst Covid 19 Crisis

As we critically hang on the aftermath of mental health week, the monstrous menace of Covid 19 is still looming in the day to day hustle of Kenyans. Dan Shieshie, the founder of Dan Shieshie foundation was hosted by K24 to dig deeper into the peril of Mental health. Covid 19, among other issues surfaced up into the discussion. Together with other panelists, the discussion turned to be so wide as miscellaneous intervening factors surfaced up to constitute mental health.

The effect of social media on mental health was given maximum consideration. According to Philip Ogola, Social media has proved to celebrate victims of Mental Health. This proves dangerous to those who run to the social media with hope of getting help. The comments are always negative as the commentators are never serious. An illustration was given of an individual who posted live committing suicide and people were commenting negatively, no one was ready to help him.

The frustration of Kenyans after being economically disabled by Covid 19 channels to mental health crisis. Many Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet and there's a possibility of many having mental complications emanating from financial constraints. The opening of schools worsened everything as many parents were not financially prepared for that, leave alone psychological preparation. It should not be quickly forgotten that a number of parents had shifted from their previous habitation in the process of trying to adapt in the situation.

The elastic limit is a point where most of Kenyans reached until it became even hard to consult friends, relatives or neighbours for the suffering was unanimous and it cut across both classes. This automatically increased mental pressure which in turn contributed to domestic violence and assault. A problem shared is half solved, but what about those who find it hard to share? or those who would like to share but do not know the relevant bodies to approach? The panel had experts and victims of mental health, Dan Shieshie once more talked about Dan Shieshie Foundation and the toll free number 1198, he answered the paused questions when he urged those suffering silently because of fear of intimidation/stigma to call the mentioned toll free number for Help. Dan Shieshie Foundation has professional counsellors on board to deal with any case related to mental health.

From the discussion, it is evident that social media is associated with stigma and some research has also linked it to suicidal cases. Victims of mental health are advised to reach out to Dan Shieshie Foundation for professional help as privacy is prioritized. The foundation takes pride in merit and is available on Social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram as Dan Shieshie Foundation. Parents who give their children phones to navigate the internet without monitoring what they do are likely to subject them to mental disorder.