Current Economic Crisis Real Recipe for Poor Mental Health

Current Economic Crisis Real Recipe for Poor Mental Health

Amid the current economic crisis that has contributed to the skyrocketing of basic commodities that has affected a good number of Kenyans, the issue of mental health cannot be overlooked. Majority of Kenyans are struggling to put food on the table, and as the struggle continues, some are slowly breaking down mentally. It gets worse when it seems that almost everyone in one’s circle is struggling financially, thereby thwarting every avenue for one to seek assistance. Very little is expected from someone whose income is siphoned by food alone, this means that shelter and clothing become a problem. Everyone yearns to give the best for those who depend on them, failure to do this leads to stress mounting a lot of pressure on the mind. Once one mounts this pressure on the mind, the individual’s mental well-being is already compromised.

Mental health constitutes ones emotional, psychological, and social well-being. This affects how an individual think, feel, and act. It is very essential in handling stress and also necessary for emotional intelligence. In the event that one cannot think, feel, or act due to daily stresses indicates poor mental health.

As for the current situation in Kenya, one can undoubtedly say that a good number of Kenyans cannot think well and equally cannot make rational decisions due to the economic effects. It should be noted that poor mental health is different from mental illness. One can easily have poor mental health without necessarily being mentally ill.

However, poor mental health that lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation can contribute to mental illnesses because one may resort to the use of alcohol and other harmful substances.

Dan Shieshie Foundation has always been on the frontline in creating awareness about mental health which can be easily affected by different factors including toxic relationships/marriages and now the current economic crisis that is not just affecting Kenya alone, but a good number of countries in the world.

As part of the efforts to minimize poor mental health among Kenyans, the foundation that has professional counsellors launched a toll-free number 1198 to provide counselling services to Kenyans caught not just in toxic relationships/marriages but also caught in the mix of the economic crisis.

Ahead of the world mental Health celebrated 10th October annually, Dan Shieshie foundation is already upfront on social media campaigns that seek to promote mental health.