16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

This campaign is uniquely placed within the United Nation’s calendar and runs annually. The event usually kicks off from 25th November to 10th December. This year, the campaign is themed as “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!” Covid 19 pandemic has seen tremendous increase in domestic violence cases this year and much focus has to be shifted towards addressing these issues. The 16 days are enough to zip the gap created by this pandemic since attention was diverted towards combating the virus. It should also be noted that the shift was biased, Kenyans retreated to their homes with ailing economic situation. This was enough to catalyze all sorts of atrocities against humanity.

Although this campaign solely favors women and girls as hard hit victims of domestic violence emanating from Covid 19, as the foundation we campaign for a safe marriage for both parties. The United Nation’s focus will be channeled towards Women and girls but we appeal to men to still come up and talk about domestic violence within their marital space. The psychological torture arising from economic constraints greatly affected men. This explains the emotional imbalance that contributed to domestic violence involving men as perpetrators. Fortunately, it is still within the same year that the mental health week was celebrated. The latter just preceded the former by almost a month. The two when critically analyzed, it is clear that they provoke each other, Covid 19 pandemic just escalated the matter.

Domestic Violence has always been there in the society and it even cuts across nations. It should also be noted that those who come up to report the cases might even be less than average. Majority prefer to conceal and remain silent for various reasons, one of the main reason being to protect their reputation and religious reasons. As a foundation, epicentred towards making marriage a safe haven, we do not oppose the religious teachings concerning marriage or relationships. We just provide a holistic approach to issues worth pondering over by sober minds. We call upon men not to be sidelined by the focus on women and girls but to voice through toll free number 1196.

Dan Shieshie Foundation strongly believe that marriage and Relationships can only be safe if both genders are protected depending on the magnitude of potential harm manifested. Women just like Men can equally be perpetrators, let the equilibrium be neutral when it comes to addressing Intimate Partner Violence cases. The society in this case United Nation-special appeal by Dan Shieshie Foundation- should not just deliberately discriminate men and label them as just mere perpetrators. Men should be considered as key towards addressing domestic violence in cases where they are termed as perpetrators. Women should be given more than special attention when they are termed as victims of domestic Violence.

Dan Shieshie Foundation has professional counsellors on board and calls upon men to use these 16 days of Gender Based Violence to reach out to the foundation for help. We heal marriages and relationships through personalities. Call toll free number 1198 for this wonderful help. Reach out on our social media pages: Facebook; Dan Shieshie Foundation, Twitter; @Dan Shieshie Foundation, LinkedIn; Dan Shieshie Foundation and Instagram; Dan Shieshie Foundation. Follow us on these pages and drop your message any time.