Post Covid-19 strenuous Period

Most Kenyans have experienced a tremendous fall in the covid-19 spread curve. However, the curve is accompanied with terrible consequences emanating from economic hard hit. The equilibrium in this case remains unsteady. As much as the politicians are focusing on the political edge of their future, there’s an extreme sufferage that is rendering many Kenyans stampled upon by the hard situations and economic constrains.

Many Kenyans lost their livelihood as covid-19 struck the country like an atomic bomb. During this post covid-19 era, the same Kenyans are yet to recover from the shock. Since Dan Shieshie foundation envisions a society that is free from domestic violence, the focus is sideway. We take the side of the weak, mostly the weak who are portrayed as the perpetrators. Men and a boy child tend to conceal their pressure which builds from within. Covid 19 has subjected majority of these men and boy child to intense suffering. Domestic violence cases have been increasing months in months out. Kenya, among some of the third world countries could not provide mitigation measures to safeguard the victims of domestic violence. A likelihood could exist of several unreported domestic violence cases. Dan Shieshie Foundation was not left behind in the fight against domestic violence. the Foundation went to an insofar of launching 1196 toll free so as to make the victims easily get assistance, this number is still in use.

Dan Shieshie Foundation stands in to cater for men who are suffering silently in marriages/or relationships. Since the government proves to be too busy to check into domestic issues especially involving marriages, we stand in to zip that gap. At this period that Kenyans are still trying to recover from the aftermath of covid-19 shock, much counseling is a necessity. As a humanitarian Non-Governmental organization, we have professional counsellors on board and the toll free number 1196 is also available. We encourage men to relinquish their inner pressure and acquire inner peace of mind by speaking up about the violence and oppression they get from the intimates. Keeping quiet is the most dangerous and terrible thing anyone can ever do in the presence of marital oppression.

Dan Shieshie Foundation has been mandated to step in and offer an oversight duty to the men within the aforementioned institution. We merit a happy and successful marriage/or relationship and we take absolute pride in those who gain from our services. We can be traced via the social media, Twitter; @danshieshie foundation, LinkedIn; Dan Shieshie Foundation, Instagram; Dan Shieshie Foundation and Facebook; Dan Shieshie Foundation. Our website is also active and rich in information. We cherish and uphold happy and successful marriages/or relationships.

~By Silas Isenjia /Dan Shieshie Foundation

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