12th June 2020 propelled Dan Shieshie’s foundation to another level as it launched and initiated toll-free number 1196 to easen communication with the victims of domestic violence. The foundation has enough qualified professional counselors on board. The zeal of the foundation was provoked by the increasing cases of domestic violence especially during this period of Covid 19. Evidence has been presented all over the news on various media. Several cases of domestic violence involved women and children and men have as usual been perceived as the perpetrators. It is clear that men in their perpetration are triggered by emotional torture which is on the other hand catalyzed by societal perception that they should be men enough to contain the pressure. Piled up pressure is as dangerous as violence itself. This toll-free number is one of the pillars geared towards minimizing domestic violence by invoking men to speak up. Apart from emotional torture, some men have completely refused to speak about the physical assault and torture they go through in the hands of their spouses. It should be noted that silence is good but it can as well be murderous when misused especially when it is attached to the societal perceptions. This toll-free number is seen as one of the means that can trigger men to speak up for it is secure and absolute secrecy is guaranteed. The best a man can do to remain vital as the husband and father to those lovely kids is to truly speak up against a violence for this will save his marriage. Violent especially towards a spouse is not, and will never be beautiful. Dan Shieshie foundation exists to reduce the gap in mortality between men and women because emotional therapy is essential and increases lifespan. This number was launched for you who is reading this article, tell a friend to tell a friend. Share it with that relative or friend who is silently suffering in marriage or relationship. Your peace and happiness is just a button away, just dial 1196 and you will encounter the most qualified counselors at Dan Shieshie Foundation. Remember the call is free of charge, what we need is your voice.

BY SILAS ISENJIA, Dan Shieshie Foundation

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